Coastal Landscape Analysis and Modeling Study

Jeff KlineJeff Kline
Land Use and Projections
15 minutes 21 seconds
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Gary LettmanGary Lettman
Current Management Intentions
15 minutes 57 seconds
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Brian Garber-YontsBrian Garber-Yonts
Valuing Biodiversity and Projecting Recreation Opportunities
19 minutes 13 seconds
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Tom SpiesTom Spies
Terrestrial Biodiversity
16 minutes 14 seconds
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Mike WimberlyMike Wimberly
Historical Vegetation
17 minutes 28 seconds
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Janet OhmannJanet Ohmann
Current Vegetation
17 minutes 41 seconds
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Bill McCombBill McComb
Current Wildlife Habitat Patterns
17 minutes 28 seconds
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Pete BettingerPete Bettinger
Modelling Landscape Management and Policies
21 minutes 25 seconds
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Stephen LancasterStephen Lancaster
Effects of Wood on Landslides & Debris Flow
16 minutes 34 seconds
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Dan MillerDan Miller
Broad Scale Models of Landslides & Debris Flow
18 minutes 4 seconds
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Kelly BurnettKelly Burnett
Aquatic Habitat
15 minutes 41 seconds
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EVALUATING POLICY EFFECTS OPTIONS: Simulation of Current and Alternative Policies:

Norm JohnsonNorm Johnson
Future Forested Landscapes of the Oregon Coast
23 minutes 43 second
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Tom SpiesTom Spies
Trends in Biodiversity Indicators
15 minutes 53 seconds
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Gordon ReevesGordon Reeves
Intrinsic Potential of Streams
15 minutes 07 seconds
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June 10, 2002. LaSells Stewart Center, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon.

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