Coastal Landscape Analysis and Modeling Study

Historical Vegetation


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    Spatial Patterns of Forest Landscape Change in the Oregon Coast Range Between 1936 and 1996

    Simulating Historical Landscape Patterns in the Oregon Coast Range (Pre)Historic Variability in Landscape Indices - The Oregon Coast Range

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    Spatial Pattern and Dynamics of Hardwood Patches in a Multi-Ownership Landscape in the Coast Range of Oregon, 1939 to 1993

    Are Shrub and Hardwood Tree Cover Types Declining in the Coast Range Mountains of Oregon? Potential Causes and Implications
    Changes in Valley Vegetation in the Oregon Coast Range since Euro-American Settlement

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  • Publications

    Wimberly, M. C. and T. A. Spies. 2000. Simulating historical variability in the amount of old forests in the Oregon Coast Range. Conservation Biology, 14: 167-180.


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